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We’re an eclectic bunch here at Champions Events with a great balance of perspectives that never fails to deliver insight and inspiration. We are creative thinkers with a huge attention to detail and fantastic problem solvers. Needless to say, blog number three is an insight into our team members. So, take a peek at some of our profiles to learn more about what makes us tick.

The Events Team

Roxanna Hayes

Nickname: 118 (Because I have 118 in my mobile number, it is my extension number and I know all information)

Role: Operations Director

Proudest moment:Becoming a Director at Champions

Best event: European Senior Master, Champions becoming a partner of the European Tour was a massive achievement

Favourite celebrity met: Peter Kay

Top event tip: Always smile!

Louisa Hayes

Nickname: Louby Lou

Role: Project and Charity Manager

Proudest moment: Reaching the 1 million pounds raised for Rainbows Children’s Hospice

Best event: Dorchester Charity Celebrity Ball-Best of British

Favourite celebrity met: Getting to caddy for Peter Schmeichel at the British Par 3

Top event tip: Remember to bring matching shoes and make up wipes for the car ride home

Fun fact: I used to play indoor cricket for England

Claire Wood

Nickname: Claire-bear

Role: Events and Golf Manager

Proudest Moment: Taking on more responsibility and being promoted to Events & Golf Manager

Best event: The Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship - a whole week of organised chaos & fun!

Favourite celebrity met: Tamara Ecclestone or the Weasley Twins

Top event tip: Always be one step in front - see the unseen!

Fun fact: My life will be getting a little more hectic soon as Fred the Sprocker will be joining the family!

Lauren Ecob

Nickname: Ecob

Role: Events Manager

Proudest moment: being voted queen of Champions at the Champions Christmas party

Best event: Vordere Legends Ball at The Jumeriah

Favourite celebrity met: Dynamo at Vordere Legends Ball

Top event tip: Always pack two dresses, you never know when one may not fit from all the flapjacks you eat on the day!

Fun fact: I achieved Flute Grade 8

Jenni Purser

Nickname: Jen

Role: Senior Events Executive

Proudest moment: Winning sexiest champion at the Champions Christmas party in my first year with the company

Best event: Champions Club End of Year Ball at the Belfry

Favourite celebrity met: James Cosmo came to our Rainbows celebrity charity ball at the Dorchester and he was the nicest person ever

Top event tip: Make sure you take a pair of flat shoes to change into. Trying to run around in high heels is a painful task after a few hours

Fun fact: I LOVE pandas

The Awards Team

Ashleigh Kerr

Nickname: Ash

Role: Project Manager (Currently on maternity leave after having little Leo)

Proudest moment: Having my baby boy

Best event: Dorchester Celebrity Charity Ball- 007 theme

Top event tip: Don’t panic and keep calm, you can fix any problem that comes your way

Fun fact: I always wear odd socks

Vikky Perry

Nickname: VP

Role: Project Manager

Proudest moment: Surviving my first event season as team manager last year!

Best event: Champions 3.1 Launch Party

Favourite celebrity met: Mark Dolan (anyone who rocks up to an event on a motorbike in white jeans in the middle of winter without a spot of dirt on them must be a legend)

Top event tip: Leave the dangly earrings at home – headset wires wrapped in your hoops is not a good look!

Fun fact: I’m getting married in a castle on Lake Garda next year 😊

Kirsty West

Nickname: K.West

Role: Project Executive

Proudest moment: Having 8 inches of my hair cut off and donated to the Little Princess Trust

Best event: 17th Annual Celebrity Charity Ball- The 80’s

Favourite celebrity met: Scott Mills Woooooo

Top event tip: Caramel Shortbread – essential!

Fun fact: I had two extra bones; one in my leg, one in my knuckle

Nathalie Dawson

Nickname: Nat

Role: Project Executive

Proudest moment: Skydive twice in one day – after being terrified to do it just the once!

Best Event: Champions Annual Rugby Dinner

Favourite celebrity met: Mike Tindall

Top event tip: Wear comfy heels!

Fun fact: I have previously been a wall and rope climbing instructor

Devon Coverdale

Nickname: Cornwall

Role: Project Executive

Proudest moment: Finishing my first project the Derby Telegraph Sports Awards!

Best event: Birmingham Post Business Awards 2018 because of their amazing mini desserts

Favourite celebrity met: Weasley Twins!!

Top event tip: always have a stash of safety pins

Fun fact: I’ve danced during halftime for Leicester City & Leicester Tigers

How we work together?

Champions events manage 50 + events a year, ranging from charity dinners to golf tournaments and business awards. Our team divides these events to manage expectations from our suppliers, sponsors and guests which allows us to work as such a great team.

Like the name says, the awards team focus their attention on the thirteen business, sports and music awards, we organise across the country in partnership with the Trinity Mirror. They liaise with the sponsors, the papers and the entrants. Not to mention dealing heavily with the creative, publishing and web team here at Champions HQ, creating the highest quality literature material both within the paper and at the event itself.

Whereas the events team focus their attention on the logistics of the event including timings and management of suppliers. The events team collet guest requirements, provide detailed health and safety documents, manage the AV team and other external suppliers in order to achieve a sleek event. Alongside Champions Speakers and Champions Music and Entertainment, they will also confirm entertainment.

Together the events team and the awards team help each other to create a completely successful event! Including on the day where we work hand in hand as one team to ensure perfection.

Planning an event? Why not work with our event experts and host a night to remember. Either call or email our team at today!

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