Music event trends in 2018

Music event trends in 2018

Here at Champions Events, we are really excited to share with you what we are up to, whether it’s our weekly event or office challenges; as well as our thoughts on all things within the events industry, including top trends and what we’ve learnt along the way. So, from now on we hope to post a weekly blog starting today...

Recently, we were asked by Eventbrite to discuss our ideas on music event trends in 2018, it was great to be featured and to really think about where music events could go this year, so here’s our full thoughts:

Electronic ticketing

More music events will cut their environmental impact by switching from paper tickets to electronic versions.

With this, we also expect to see more charging stations at events, as attendees will need their phones to show proof of purchase and barcodes.

Charging stations are also becoming a tool used for risk assessments by events management, ensuring young or vulnerable attendees can regain access to friends or family through apps such as Find my Friends.

Not to mention battery drainage due to social media use, which will ultimately continue to be the biggest trend.

Electronic ticketing will also see more events tightening up on ticket sales, making it harder to buy and sell on secondary sites.

Although some attendees might miss the sentimental impact of a traditional paper ticket, secondary sites are a huge problem within the industry and many artists such as Adele, Ed Sheeran and Mumford and Sons are fighting against this.

Social media

From attendee polls to behind the scene images and content, social media will continue to be a huge driver of trends in the music events industry.

This will allow marketers and organisers to engage directly with their target audience, get feedback and ensure content is reaching who it needs to.

Organisers, musicians and bands will begin to utilise live video on social media themselves, in order to take back control of shared content at live events.

Lastly, social media will give attendees more influence in terms of the event itself such as set lists and décor through polls and comments


Themed cocktails created and named especially for the event or band are always a big hit with attendees, as it adds that extra touch- details count when it comes to big events.

Personalised merchandise such as photo booths and frames are on the increase, again aligning with the social media trend.

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