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Why an Event Theme is More Important Than You Think

Sometimes, choosing the perfect theme for your event is easy. Everything seems to fit naturally, and it virtually creates itself. Sometimes it can take a little more thought and planning.

The right theme can have the power to set the tone, draw a crowd and make an event memorable. Let’s take a closer look.

Themes Tie the Whole Event Together

From corporate conferences to gala dinners, your event theme should embody the objectives of the event. It doesn’t always have to be flashy and fun – make it fit the tone of your event. Whether you’re organising an event that holds a serious, sophisticated atmosphere or you’re looking for a fun, playful vibe - the correct theme has the power to tie the whole event together and set the tone.

Themes Create a Buzz

If you’ve ever been to a themed party, you would know of the excitement it brings to the occasion. It’s no different for corporate events. Guests will get excited about a theme if it is selected well.

When selecting a theme for your event, we recommend taking the time to choose something with wide appeal that will resonate with your attendee’s. Not only will this create a special event, it will also help when marketing the event and connecting with your audience. A well themed event will naturally make attendees want to share their experience with others; through photos, social media and word of mouth. This is a great way to generate a buzz for future events, which in turn promotes your business.

Choosing a Theme

At Champions (UK) plc, we organise a number of awards, gala dinners and conferences across the country. We know how important a theme can be in making a night unforgettable. So, here’s a few tips and some event theme ideas!

  • Think about the objectives of your event. Understanding the ‘what? and why?’ of your event will help establish key ideas. From there, you can begin brainstorming themes that fit.
  • Think outside the box! Creativity is key to making your event stand out from the crowd.
  • Keep your theme consistent throughout the campaign. The theme should be reflected in everything from the invitation, to the food and everything in between. This will tie the event together as a whole. Remember – it’s the little things that count!


Need some inspiration? Here are some of our favourite theme ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

- Award-winning movies

- Era’s (‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, Futuristic)

- Destinations

- Seasons (Summer Sizzle, Winter Wonderland)

To find out more about the events Champions (UK) plc host, and how we can help you with your event, visit

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Why an Event Theme is More Important Than You Think
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